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United States shall beat terrorism

Matthew E. Caster

The entire western world is on high alert again. Threats of terrorism, substantiated and otherwise, flood every media outlet especially my e-mail. And through all the threats, and all the news reports of another anthrax infection or false alarms, only one question circles through my mind: "How bloody stupid are these freaks?"

They seem bound and determined to learn just how totally ticked off the United States gets when someone else starts messing with us. We're
dealing with the disasters at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We're growing accustomed to the biological and chemical threats against
us. We wait in longer lines, and go through tighter security than ever before.

So what do we do if somehow the evil ones manage to strike again? Simple.

Obliterate them. All of them.

Who are they? They are the members of al-Qaida, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and every other terrorist organization. They are states like
Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Sudan. "They" includes any person on Earth who tolerates this level of barbarism. 

If the terrorists are stupid enough to attack U.S. civilians again, the time has come for a total war against these regimes, states and organizations.
The fact is that we have a right to defend our citizens and our way of life. 

"What about the coalition?" Well, President Bush said it best when he said, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." It's that simple.
Join our fight to eradicate this evil, or perish alongside it.

"What about innocent civilians?" Other than the immediate justification that almost 6,000 of our own innocent civilians died in the original attacks,
you can also look towards the civilians in these rogue states. These "innocent" civilians in nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other terrorist
states cheered as they watched our towers crumble and our way of life change forever. Therefore, any resident of these nations who does not
actively oppose these atrocities are tacitly supporting them. There are eight million people in Afghanistan who could overthrow the Taliban, yet they
do not.

"By targeting civilians, are we not stooping to the level of the terrorists?" No, because we are not targeting these civilians as a means of converting
these nations to Christianity or because we don't like the way they've opposed the State of Israel. We're not targeting civilians at all. We are
targeting these nations because it is an integral part of our national self-interests to do so. We do not seek to bend them to our will; we seek only to
protect ourselves and our citizens from barbaric, unjustifiable attacks.

Should another attack be brought against our nation, I support the use of any necessary steps to eliminate this threat -- even the use of nuclear
ordnance, if the situation arises. Our leaders in Washington have taken many steps to protect us, but many more may be necessary before all is
said and done.

We owe a great debt to those who have died before us in the protection of our nation, from the blood and suffering of the War of Independence to
the triumph over Nazism. We owe an even greater debt to our children and generations yet unborn to see this task through to completion. Life may
never be the same after those attacks, but I sleep peacefully at night knowing that our nation, under God, will triumph over this evil. God bless

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