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Monday, November 5th. 2001 Volume 67, Issue 53



'War on terrorisim' may not be enough

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called upon the United States to expand its war on terrorism to include regimes in
Arab states like Iran and Syria in a Sunday speech at Houston's Congregation Emanu El.

Cougars botto0m out as losing streak hits 12

TAMPA, Fla. -- Playing in Florida (dubbed the "Sunshine State"), the Cougars looked up at the sky, hoping that for once this season the
sun would finally shine on them.

Afghanistan faces crisis of poverty

Even before the U.S.-led military campaign against the Taliban regime of Afghanistan and the al-Qaida organization of suspected
terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, the United Nations had declared that country "the site of the greatest humanitarian crisis in
the world."

Many lands know terrorism

The world's attention is focused on the Central Asian country of Afghanistan, where U.S.-led forces are waging a battle against its
Taliban regime and the al-Qaida network of suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.


In "SGA appoints six students to fill five SFAC slots" (News, Thursday),a quote advising senators to direct their frustrations over the failure torent a beach house for the Student Government Association Senate's Galveston retreat at Finance Director Temitope Ayoola was mistakenly attributed to SGA President James Robertson Jr. It was actually said by SGA Speaker of the Senate Dawona Miller.

Also, the story neglected to name political science freshman Frank Lun as one of Robertson's new "alternate" appointees to the Student Fee Advisory Committee. Another appointee, Gary Robinson, is a
pre-business junior.

The Daily Cougar regrets the errors.

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