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Monday, November 5th. 2001 Volume 67, Issue 53



Textbook sugarcoat U.S. history

I don't remember the name of my high school American history textbook, but I don't have to. The names of the most common ones all blur together: The American Pageant, The American Adventure, The American Way, Land of Promise, The American Tradition, American Adventures, The Challenge of Freedom and the disturbingly named Triumph of the American Nation are just a few.

November stresses family values

Are you a proponent of "family values?" Can you please tell me what that means? I keep hearing it every political season. I hope it
means we are valuing our families, however they may be composed. Value them we should, because we now have some idea how precious they are, and how easily they can be lost.

Proposition 2 would further discriminate against gays

With election day just one day away, Houstonians are sure to be confronted with signs on the streets, ads on television and articles in the paper regarding what is at stake on the extensive (and perhaps even confusing) ballot. This election, there are six candidates for mayor, even more for city council positions and a plethora of city and state propositions.

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