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1970s era punk reborn in the form of The Damned

By Stuart Clements
Daily Cougar Staff

The Engine Room turned into a time machine and warped back to the 1970s for a concert consisting of some old-school musicians.

The Damned, a group that originated in 1976, performed for a rather exclusive cult audience Thursday.

The Engine Room was a cozy venue, yet very comfortable. The crowd was small and most people had more metal through various parts
of their body than a sack of nails in a hardware store.

White face paint with black lipstick was not uncommon for the guys.

The Damned was introduced by two rather colorful groups. The first group, named The Briefs, was an old-school punk-style band that
sounded a lot like the Sex Pistols.

The Briefs opened with some heavy drum riffs and bouncy melodies that got the crowd on its feet and excited. The band members were
casually dressed in retro-clad suits with ruffles and sunglasses.

Sunglasses in a pitch black room -- must be a '70s thing.

Its music was short-lived, but fun, and the band exited to make room for the next act, The Toilet Boys.

As exciting and high-energy as The Briefs was, it seemed tame compared to the metal-smashing music that came from The Toilet
Boys. These guys were weird.

The curtain was drawn on The Toilet Boys and the three guitarists appeared with no shirts and only a thinly clad pair of black pants on
each member.

The lead singer was a beautiful blonde who came out in a cute little S&M number and thigh-high stockings.

All was well, but over time I noticed quite a bulge in the lead singer's metal-studded bikini bottom. This was very scary.

Nevertheless, the David Lee Roth look-alike and the rest of The Toilet Boys put on a very entertaining show that incorporated some
head-banging power chords and limited pyrotechnics, including fireballs blown into the audience. And the lead guitarist wrapped up the
set with his guitar on fire.

The Damned took the stage with the curtain closed and played a piano ballad with the lead singer doing a little lyric poetry in the
background. He finished and introduced the band.

The Damned front man looked like a cheesy-yet-tasteful rendition of Elvis Presley mixed with Bono from U2. The pianist's hair had a bad
case of Art Garfunkel, the female bassist looked exactly like Elvira and a wrinkled guitarist led the melody with gusto. He looked a lot
like Keith Richards.

The band played songs from its new album, and also some old classics that all the 45-year-old audience members knew and sang along

The crowd was glowing, but that was because The Damned's cult following consisted of bald men.

The show finished as strongly as it began and wasn't ever boring or drawn out.

Overall, the three-act show was well-rehearsed and entertaining -- these geriatrics pulled it off. They were very enjoyable to watch and

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