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Bulls stampede Cougars into the record books with loss

By Tom Carpenter
Daily Cougar Staff

What a fitting exclamation point for the Cougars' season!

A Division I-A football team that held its first practice Sept. 6, 1996 as a Division I-AA school delivered the hay-maker that sent our
2001 gridiron warriors reeling into the record books as the not-so-proud holders of the longest losing streak in UH history.

But be of good cheer, Cougar fans, the nadir of the once-glorious football tradition at UH has not yet been reached.

With games against Louisville, Alabama-Birmingham and Georgia remaining this season, our gridiron warriors can, like the Starship
Enterprise crew, "go where no man has gone before."

The losing streak will stretch to an unprecedented abyss (15 games in a row) that will carry over into next season (and counting)
before the good ship Lollipop -- er, Cougar -- rights its course and sails into the happily ever after of a winning campaign.

The 2001 Cougars established a school record for futility when the South Florida Bulls stampeded our hapless heroes 45-6, handing UH
its 12th consecutive loss stretching over two seasons.

The losses would be easier to stomach if the team at least gave the appearance of trying.

Lovable losers are easy to forgive when their failure is due to bad breaks or less talent than the opponents. The Cougars have, sadly,
been tormented by both variables this season.

"The play of our football team was not near as bad as what the score was indicative of," head coach Dana Dimel said. "It's just late in
the season. It's been a long, hard season for us. If things don't go well for us early on the road it's easy for the game to get away from

But that doesn't explain the team's meltdown during the past four games, in which the Cougars have been outscored 184-81.

Dimel will deny it until he's blue in the face or wins a game, whichever comes first, but many of our football "heroes" give the
impression on the playing field that their thoughts are on the holiday season, not on the business of winning a football game.

"I don't think the kids aren't playing hard. I don't think the guys aren't trying to work and do things the right way," Dimel said.

Double negatives can be confusing.

Before breaking out the sackcloth and throwing ashes on your head, remember that Dimel redshirted a number of very good players
who could have helped the Cougars this year.

Dimel wants to build a program, not win three games a year for five years. When the Cougar winning streak hits 12 games in the
future, this season will be viewed in its proper perspective. It will be seen as a stepping stone to a winning season, not a permanent

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