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Join the fight for freedom ­ vote

Mary Carradine

The smoke had not even begun to settle on Manhattan's ground zero before Americans desperately began to ask each other what they could do to help.

Some people flocked to centers where they could donate blood. Others donated money to the families of the victims. Virtually everyone prayed. And
while you'd expect the country's citizens to have their hands tied, we broke free and poured amazing amounts of support into the veins, the pockets and
the hearts of those who needed our help.

Now we're at war and our military needs our support. You absolutely cannot go anywhere these days without seeing American flags or other patriotic
symbols blaring out to the entire world. We're still standing, and Americans are helping fight this war by showing our patriotism.

But many people still want to do more. Driving around with an American flag hooked on your car can only feel so good. Typical of our undying
patriotism, we still want to provide more help. Today is your lucky day.

Today, Houstonians will elect their new political representation. We will also vote on several propositions and make decisions regarding a myriad of city

Voter turnout for local elections has always been notoriously low. Citizens often underestimate the importance of local elections and simply choose not
to vote.

But allow me to supply the reader with a gentle reminder. Why was this nation formed in the first place? Why did we, a collection of unorganized
underdogs, even challenge the world superpower of Great Britain to begin with?

Because we were tired of being pushed around by a government we didn't even get to choose. We were sick of paying their stupid taxes and taking
flack from this decentralized government across the Atlantic Ocean. Even though the colonies lacked a formal military and the money to fight a war, we
took dead aim on the Brits and we took them down.

Ever since the birth of our nation, our liberties have been challenged. We've fought war after war, and fended off any fool who attempted to strip us of
what we achieved through the Revolutionary War.

Men and women have died to protect us, and men and women will die in Afghanistan to preserve our liberties.

Simply put, too many people have shed blood and died for you not to get up and vote today. As much as we'd all love to rush Osama bin Laden and
destroy that coward, we can only do so much from here. What better way to show your support than to practice an activity that is the cornerstone of

Choose your representation. Defeat discrimination and vote no on City Proposition 2. Call the shots regarding light rail and city bonds. We've given
blood, and we've given money. We've prayed for our nation and we've raised our flags. Today, we vote. Help fight this war from Houston and stand and
be counted.

Carradine, a senior engineering
technology major, can be reached at mbcarradine@hotmail.com.

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