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Life goes on

The bottom of the ninth, score's tied with bases full in Game 7 of the World Series. Here's the pitch ... and it's a hit the game-winning runner crosses
home and they win the World Series.

It's a scenario every little boy has played out in his mind. Standing at the plate in a dusty, dimly lit neighborhood baseball field with a bat clutched in his
hand, or pretending in front of a mirror with no bat at all hitting the winning run in baseball's World Series.

It was a scenario that came true for former Astros player Luis Gonzalez on Sunday night, as the Arizona Diamondbacks' MVP cracked a blooping single
into shallow outfield in the bottom of the ninth to clinch the series for the team in a 3-2 victory over the New York Yankees.

Billed as the fastest-ascending baseball franchise ever, Arizona won at home to the roar of its pompon-waving hometown crowd. But not all were
cheering. A glimpse of the Yankee dugout silence.

There were the still eyes of one of New York's favorites, Derek Jeter, and Manager Joe Torre leaning against the rail before slowly retreating to the
clubhouse men who have not been on the receiving end of such defeat in some time. Defeat in a year when clinching the World Series trophy would
have brought a feeling of triumph, not just over the young Arizona team, but over adversity.

Many were confident the Yankees, the magic team that can pull all the stops to come out on top, would continue the winning dynasty. Especially against
the Diamondbacks a team that rose through the ranks of ball clubs by spending millions on free agents. 

But Arizona deserved its win; it climbed the totem pole to land at the top with the grand victory. Many people wanted to see the Yankees dethroned
they were tired of the presumptuous team. They got their wish. And like so much of New York that has been thrown away in past months, so too will be
the pre-made caps with World Series and New York Yankees on the brim.

Although much of the Sept. 11 terror rang throughout New York streets, the whole country felt the shock including Arizona, which was only New
York's opponent on the field and has only done what so many New Yorkers have avidly done continued on with life.

It just so happens that life in Arizona's case meant doing its job to win the World Series which it did.

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