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Name disguises right-wing views

Mary Carradine

Whether you voted last Tuesday or not, you probably know the Houston mayoral election has been launched into a runoff between incumbent
Mayor Lee Brown and Orlando Sanchez. The Nov. 6 election was much closer than anticipated, and voters will go to the polls on Dec. 1 to choose
who will be our mayor for the next two years.

This isn't a typical runoff, however. American politics are usually dominated by one type of representation: rich white men. Most people will look at
this runoff, see two minority candidates vying for the mayoral position, and feel very proud to live in such a unique and progressive city. But they

Orlando Sanchez has managed to fool thousands of non-Republican voters into supporting him. He is classified as a Hispanic a typical minority
population category. Minorities are notorious for supporting Democrats, as Democrats are usually pro-union and generally advocate bigger
government and citizen assistance.

Somehow, Orlando Sanchez managed to gather the majority of the Hispanic vote on Nov. 6. And between now and Dec. 1, Lee Brown and I are
going to let you know how scammed those deceived Hispanic voters really are.

Orlando Sanchez is a staunch Republican. Don't be fooled by the man's makeup and arsenal of cosmetic products. He is a fierce advocate against
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. If Orlando Sanchez had his way, Houston would never even taste light rail or any new sports
stadiums. He has opposed after-school programs for children in the past.

And, as an added bonus for you minorities out there, Sanchez has even opposed hate crime legislation that our Republican governor, Rick Perry,
eventually signed into law. If you follow politics, you know that Governor Perry is about as conservative as a Catholic priest if you can get over all
that sinful big-business money laundering.

Speaking of money laundering, Orlando Sanchez is an active participant in this favorite political pastime as well. A hot topic during the election has
been the source of payment for Orlando Sanchez's daughter's private school education. Sanchez refuses to disclose who made the "donation" to
pay for her education, claiming that he doesn't know and it's no one's business anyway. And of course, Sanchez tries to make everyone feel guilty
for bringing his poor, innocent daughter into the debate.

This isn't about his daughter, though. No one is personally bothered by the fact that Sanchez's daughter is getting an education. The money,
regardless of what it's paying for, was a gift that obviously bears weight on Sanchez's decisions. Who gave him the money? What is that person
getting in return?

These cover-ups are to be expected by a candidate who champions the use of soft money. While Democrat and former mayoral candidate Chris
Bell argued heavily for the reform of soft money contributions, Sanchez strongly opposed such a measure and even refused to vote on the matter.

Don't be fooled into voting for Orlando Sanchez on Dec. 1. His interests lie with the right wing and the richest few of Houston. He's an extremist
hiding behind the façade of a "struggling minority." His last name is Sanchez, but it may as well be Nixon.

Carradine, a senior computer engineering
technology major, may be reached at mbcarradine@hotmail.com.


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