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Cornhuskers shuck the competition

NCAA Football/Top 25

Ed De La Garza

It's a split poll.

It looks like Miami's struggles against unranked Boston College was enough to sway the coaches into picking Nebraska as their No. 1 team. The
Hurricanes were treading on water throughout their game. If it hadn't been for a deflected pass that was returned for a touchdown, Miami could
have been looking at a 7-1 record.

Nebraska had its own problems with Kansas State. The Cornhuskers trailed 14-13 at halftime before finally pulling away. Despite that, they're one
of only three undefeated teams in the top 25 -- and the only one sitting at 11-0. And now they're only 12 points behind Miami in the Associated
Press poll.

Texas blanked Kansas 59-0. It might have more Longhorn fans making a case for UT, but there are a few important things they're forgetting. Texas
may very well have the most talented team in the nation. Chris Simms may have a golden arm. Cedric Benson may eclipse Earl Campbell. The
Longhorns possess amazing speed and strength on defense. But no shutout over a 2-7 team can erase a loss to No. 3 Oklahoma.

Texas doesn't play again until it travels to Texas A&M on Nov. 23. Gig 'em Ags.

And while we're talking about Texas schools, does anyone remember that small little preppy team the Cougars should have beaten the past two
years? Yeah, it's bowl eligible now. The Rice Owls are 7-3 with Texas-El Paso visiting Rice Stadium on Saturday. Now that's depressing.


Nebraska and Miami are still Nos. 1 and 2 in the Bowl Championship Series ranking, but the Hurricanes are barely hanging on. Oklahoma's only
.68 points behind, and with its toughest three games remaining (Syracuse, Washington and Virginia Tech), Miami could find itself out of the
national championship game for the second consecutive year.

Realistically, only the top three teams have a shot at being Nos. 1 and 2. No. 4 Oregon, No. 5 Florida and No. 6 Texas need help (namely losses
by one of the top three). An interesting scenario would have Oklahoma beating Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship, with the Cornhuskers only
slipping to No. 2, meaning they'd play three times in one year.

Tennessee, Washington State, Stanford, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Brigham Young, Colorado and Syracuse round out the BCS. None of those
schools have a chance at anything other than a top-tier bowl game.

Gamecock update

There's no easy way to say South Carolina was overmatched against Florida. A 54-17 loss pretty much speaks for itself. But the Gamecocks still
battled hard, keeping Steve Spurrier from hitting the 70-point mark. It's a moral victory, but it only proves that you can't keep the Gamecocks down.

The DC baker's dozen

The computers were back in perfect working order this week, with the Cornhuskers being a consensus No. 1 pick for only the second time this
season. But as with the BCS, the Hurricanes are barely No. 2.

If anyone disagrees with our poll (Texas fans), he or she is more than welcome to e-mail dcsports@mail.uh.edu. Until then get your own damn

1.) Nebraska, 11-0

2.) Miami, 8-0

3.) Oklahoma, 9-1

4.) Florida, 8-1

5.) Tennessee, 7-1

6.) Oregon, 9-1

7.) Washington State, 9-1

8.) Texas, 9-1

9.) BYU, 10-0

10.) Maryland, 9-1

11.) Illinois, 8-1

12.) Stanford, 6-2

13.) Michigan, 7-2

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