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Metal band scrapes for fans on 'New Killer America'

New Killer America
RCA Records
By Shiley Carter

Daily Cougar Staff

In a world where heavy metal is currently making a big comeback, there are a lot of bands fighting to be at the top.

However, as we often see and hear on our radio stations, a lot of the bands that make it do so with little talent or meaning.

Skrape, on the other hand, puts a new meaning to the struggle to "make it big."

All the members of Skrape (Billy Keeton, vocals; Mike Lynchard, guitar; Brian Milner, keyboards/guitar; Pete Sison, bass; and Will Hunt, drums) have been struggling for
years just to simply live.

Courtesy of RCA Records

Florida-based heavy metal quintet Skrape released an oddity with their debut album, New Killer America. The band actually incorporates melodic undertones in their metal.

By the age of 18, each of these heavy metal musicians was out on their own, working and fighting for everything they were to eventually receive.

And their work paid off.

Skrape's debut album on RCA Records, New Killer America, is a truly awesome new addition to the heavy metal scene in the world.

New Killer America brings to heavy metal what it has been lacking for so long a true feeling of aggression with intelligent, positive lyrics and a unique sound that still has
the components that make heavy metal what it is.

Their message is positive because the members of Skrape believe everyone should make something out of themselves.

Skrape says, "Get up! Make a difference in your own life."

The members of Skrape did some other fighting in their hometown as well.

They were outcasts for their style of music in Orlando, Fla. Will Hunt describes their situation as, "Orlando was in a time warp. We like it that way because when people hate
us, which they did, that fueled us."

New Killer America starts out hard, with "What You Say."

Following the brutal sounds of their first track is the more melodic sound of "Waste," proving Skrape's ability to carry a tune and harmonize together rather than always
releasing the ferocious guitar riffs and screaming vocals.

With several interludes going between the hardcore sounds of metal to a more melodic, moody feel, "Blow Up" is a great ending to the 12-track album.

For the past several months and currently, Skrape can brag about their line-up on the Pantera Extreme Steel Tour.

New Killer America promises a great sound for the sometimes repetitive heavy metal scene.

With this album just being their debut, Skrape is definitely on their way to the top.

I do not see much more struggling for this band in the future so keep your eyes and ears open.

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