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McMahon makes unnecessary changes

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

Fake boobs are funny.

It was revealed by the ever-observant Jericho that Stephanie McMahon, fictional owner of Extreme Championship
Wrestling, had undergone a little cosmetic surgery. She's been bouncing down the ramp ever so gracefully. But the
question is, does she look better now than before her surgery?

I had the good fortune of seeing McMahon during the press conference for Wrestlemania X-Seven. She looks a bit
trashy on television, but she's stunning in person. She didn't need the surgery.

She doesn't look sexier. She just fits the World Wrestling Federation's idea of a woman: plastic. And it got turned
into a running joke. Yes, McMahon probably gave the OK to the angle. Yes, she could have said no to dressing like
a prostitute. But as the boss' daughter, she had the luxury of being different. Now she's not.

MECW is going down

Main Event Championship Wrestling, the upstart federation looking to put a dent in the WWF's stranglehold on the
business, is dead in the water. It may not be official yet, but it's only a matter of time.

MECW owner John Collins is blaming Paul Heyman for sabotaging a show in Evansville, Ind. Wrestlers
announced on a card did not appear because airplane tickets to get the wrestlers to said show were allegedly
canceled by Heyman.

Checks have bounced, there have been numerous no-shows and the MECW has yet to get a TV deal. I said it last
week: any federation that thinks Buff Bagwell is a star is doomed to fail.

Letter of the Week

This week's letter deals with a wrestling legend -- and his on-again, off-again career.

Hey -- I want to know about HBK. He was supposed to join Team WWF or the Alliance. When will he be back?
Does he have a problem with Vince?

-- Koji Nakazawa

Well, Koji, Shawn Michaels, "The Heartbreak Kid," was set to make his in-ring return right around Wrestlemania.
He was supposed to make an appearance during the Raw preceding the event but was sent home because he
was "under no condition to perform." Various rumors allege Michaels was strung out on some substance while
others say he was just drunk. Either way, he hasn't been seen or talked about since.

Years of high-risk maneuvers and hard bumps forced him to retire at his peak. Any more damage could have
meant he'd spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. For whatever reason (ego), Michaels began thinking about
coming out of retirement. He spent months getting back in shape -- until the day he was told to leave the television

He won't be back until he gets his personal life back together.

And it's just that easy to get your question, comment or complaint into The Wrestling Report. As always,
contributors win nothing but the thrill of seeing their name in the newspaper.

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