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A unique perspective of Cougar opponents

Cougar Sports Services

This sports section is proud to announce the addition of "The Trash Man," a no-holds-barred column by junior
Keenan Singleton that will bring The Daily Cougar readers the worst, in the best possible style, about the Cougars'
weekly opponents.

In spite of the fact that college football is a serious business which generates millions of dollars in revenue and
employs dozens of people at UH, we at The Daily Cougar believe room exists for humor and wit beyond the line of

"The Trash Man" will appear every Friday for our public's reading pleasure.

Photo editor Pin Lim and entertainment editor Keenan Singleton were added to The Daily Cougar weekly
prediction contest this season in a crude attempt to dethrone the reigning champion, Jake McKim, by sheer
strength of numbers.

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