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Thursday, November 15, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 61



Pressure 4-5 to sting Buzz Festival

Houston's rock/alternative radio station KTBZ-FM, a.k.a. 94.5 The Buzz, has its annual or, in this year's case, semi-annual Buzzfest to bring together its mass audience for a day of fun and tons of music.

O'Jays guilty of good r&b

These days, to sustain a career in any field for 40 years is rare.

But to continually stay afloat in the music business for as long as the O'Jays have is truly amazing. Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and Eric Nolan are the O'Jays, and they are, in one word, a phenomenon.

Green Day, BNK hits albums swing and miss

If there's one constant with greatest hits albums, it's that the listener is always wondering why the artist failed to include a certain song or why another certain song was included.

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