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Greatest hits 'cure' fans of rock music ailments

By Laura Streich
Daily Cougar Staff

Many fans will be tempted to pass up The Cure's latest CD because all but two songs have already been compiled into the band's singles collections. 

Yet Greatest Hits offers much more than Staring at the Sea (1986) and Galore (1997).

Those who own the other albums might be tempted to download the two new songs, "Just Say Yes" and "Cut Here" (the single), instead of
purchasing the entire album. But while the more than 20-year-old band may have fallen short of new songs, it gives generously on new features.
Think of it as an upgraded edition of the earlier singles compilations.

Every version of this new effort offers new spins on The Cure's most recognizable songs. The single has a CD-ROM video with additional

The initial pressing of the entire album includes a second disc with newly recorded acoustic versions of all 18 songs on the first disc. Fans'
beloved Boris Williams (arguably the best drummer the band ever had) guests on percussion on Acoustic Hits. Only early buyers will get this
second, limited-edition disc.

They are releasing a DVD to counter the inevitable disappointment of having the same old videos. Its highlight (to those who already have the
other videos) is a half-hour film of The Cure playing six of the Acoustic Hits songs.

In addition to a handful of other hidden extras and the two new videos, fans will enjoy famous videos like "Close to Me" and "Lullaby" (a past
winner of MTV's Best Music Video award).

Fans can go to and follow the links to download the new video or order copies of the album or single.

All in all, the songs are top-shelf as always, and the extra bonuses alone easily make this a five-star project. Tease your hair and wear black
eyeliner to celebrate.

For newer fans, I'd recommend the following CDs: The Head on The Door (1985), Disintegration (1989), Wish (1992). For the older fans, try
Faith (1981), Entreat (1989) and Paris (1993).

The Cure

Greatest Hits

**** (out of five stars)

Elektra Records

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