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Wednesday, Novemeber 28, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 67



End- of- smester reflections shared

It seems like just yesterday I was composing my column for the first day of class, and here it is the end of the semester already. So much has changed
since then. Coming into this semester, I intended to focus my writing on brilliant conservative rhetoric that I hoped would turn this into a campus of
Republican voters. 

Cloning: A whole new world of fun

A biotechnology company in Worcester, Mass., has found a whole new way to celebrate individuality. Advanced Cell Technology announced on
Sunday its involvement in cloning experiments.

Israeli-Palistinian relations need some clarifications

This is a crucial moment to solve the conflict in the Middle East. For the first time, the United States, through President Bush and Secretary Powell, has
acknowledged the existence of a Palestinian state as the only viable alternative for a real peace in the region. But, if the peace talks are based in
respect and support for a real and sovereign Palestinian state, nothing will be resolved and violence will not end. 

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