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Students will need new IDs

By Tim Williams
Daily Cougar Staff

The Cougar 1Card is set to become a necessity for students wishing to perform a host of functions next Spring, when UH issues new
identification cards.

Students will need the cards to print from computers in M.D. Anderson Memorial Library or any of the computer labs around campus,
Procurement and Auxiliary Services Executive Director Joanna Truitt told Student Government Association senators Wednesday.

"There is no limit on the number of copies made," Truitt said. However, visitors will have to pay to print from computers in the library, she said.

Printing will not occur instantaneously within the new managed print task system. Information selected for printing at the student's workstation
will feed into another computer that allows the student printing a second opportunity to cancel a print job, she said. The hope is to trim UH's
annual print output of 6.5 million sheets by about 10 percent.

Possible bottlenecks within the two-tiered system should be eased by the addition of high-volume printers that would become feasible when
print jobs are managed, she said.

Students already have a more flexible Cougar 1Card than they may think. With the click of a mouse, students can transfer funds from an
outside account to the card, Truitt said.

"I was able to bring up my account, add $50 from my debit card and it was done," she said. "It is a wonderful feature that lays the groundwork
for future programs."

Other department initiatives include the Bookstore Advisory Committee's attempt to garner higher book buy-back rates for students, and the
Parking & Transportation department's continued expansion of lot space.

Currently, the Texas A&M "book adoption rate" (the rate at which textbooks are continued into the next term) is 80 percent while at UH it's 51
percent. Book buy-backs start next week, Truitt noted.

Instructors elect to either adopt the current or new texts at the end of each semester, causing the bookstore to hedge its bets and pay wholesale
prices until they get final confirmation of each individual instructor's decision.

"Essentially a salvage price is given for that book as opposed to 50 percent of its value," Truitt said.

The committee developed a strategic plan to address the problem, she said.

"One of the goals is to increase early book adoptions by 10 percent for next year," she said.

Another committee goal is to link the bookstore with online class registration so that students could simply order books online once they had
their schedule set, saving both time and effort, she said.

Senators thanked Truitt for what most considered an informative status report. But SGA President James Robertson Jr. expressed concern that
the new Cougar 1Card features might signal a fee increase on the horizon.

The ID card fee currently stands at $6.

"Make sure they manage your money efficiently," Robertson said.

In other business, Student Video Network President Jason Ugorji complained that UH administrators on the Student Program Board are
stonewalling his efforts to reinvigorate the ailing closed-circuit campus television network.

"The biggest problem is that only 10 to 15 percent of (UH's) 35,000 students know SVN is here," said Ugorji, a communication senior. The
network needs to get the word out and get students involved, he said.

Before being flooded out of its University Center Underground studios during June's deluge, the network aired full-length movies and original
student programming to an audience of approximately 6,000 students living on campus.

By coming to SGA, Ugorji said he hopes to get advice on how to expedite the recovery process so he can contribute before his impending May

SGA senators also passed legislation requesting that the UH administration define "unintentional plagiarism" in the Student Handbook.

The measure was in response to student complaints that most cases of plagiarism were being labeled "intentional" by faculty.

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