Friday, November 30, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 69

Kusum Desai/The Daily Cougar

"This will pay off someday. This will pay off someday. This will ": Business sophomore Maartje Melchiors studies for an exam outside the Architecture Building Thursday.


As UH students count down the days until the semester ends and freedom is theirs once again, one woman sits in her cell at the Federal
Detention Center and wonders if she'll be home in time for Christmas. Or New Year's or Easter, for that matter.

We seem to have many "enemies." They're so often referred to as consisting of an unspecified group of terrorists, but are these people really our enemies? They appear to be living, breathing beings, like everyone else. They do not appear threatening in pictures on television. They probably have families, mothers, fathers and children.

To celebrate its 10-year union, Irish pop-rock band The Cranberries released its newest work, Wake up and Smell the Coffee. But it
might not be worth celebrating.

With 7.1 seconds remaining, senior guard Dominic Smith hustled the ball up the court, stopped at the top of the three-point line, and with the poise of a seasoned veteran swished the most important shot of the young season for the Cougars.


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