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Band successfully pulls off rock oddity -- good electronic and hard rock sound

The Scene

Shiley Carter

While the combining and blending of different genres becomes increasingly popular with rising bands, the distorted medley of
electronic and hard rock is a difficult mixture to pull off in an appealing manner.

Bands such as The Hunger have only touched on what might be achieved, and have failed in great numbers, as in the case of their
most recent album.

When one finds a band that can put these very different sounds together to form a heavy yet dark form of music with atomic
elements, it's reasonable to say there is something special about that particular band.

Lights Over Roswell has that something special.

The band's ability to mold industrial and techno sounds with a hard-rock edge is impressive when compared to other local bands'

On the band's first demo, Exposed, Lights Over Roswell, which draws influences from The Crystal Method, Rob Zombie and
Ministry, displays five tracks of very dark and moody music.

"Spotlight" is a great example of a good blending of industrial, techno and hard rock.

The guitar riffs set the mood for an industrial-sounding wave of energy. The drums keep pounding, climaxing with the vocal scream,
"Look into the mirror, see the terror and the fear that's deep within/ I follow the shadow behind me, but the shadow behind me is not
my friend."

While some of the vocals and lyrics get repetitive, as in "Mind Eraser," singer Bobby Wagner has the ability to add some diversity.

Chris Carpenter, who works behind the scenes for the band, does a great programming job on the debut album. But some variations
could spice up the overall mood of Exposed.

Lights Over Roswell has only been around for two years and has already acquired the help of Solar Flare Productions for
management and scheduling, played for crowds as large as 7,000 and garnered plenty of attention in the local Houston scene.

Regular gigs are scheduled all over Houston. These performances might be what Lights Over Roswell needs to polish its already
notable sound.

There's something unique in the way the band approaches its music. With time and work, Lights Over Roswell could very well stir
things up a bit in the industrial/hard rock music scene.

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