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Wensday, January 16, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 73



Students, history prof call bookstore policies unfair

Inside the UH Bookstore, lines of students waiting to buy this semester's books snaked around shelves and business was clearly booming. But
outside at the University Center, a small cadre of mostly history students led by associate history professor Bob Buzzanco passed out flyers and
called for a boycott of the campus bookstore.

Speaker: Today's civil rights rest in students hands

As he gazed upon a nearly empty Houston Room on Tuesday night at the University Center, United Nations advocate Marlon Smith was able to
paint his picture of "Generation X's" apathetic view towards racism and civil rights with far less than a thousand words.

Proposed fee hikes open fo discussion

The University may be considering raising fees again, but it doesn't mean students won't be allowed to air their concerns or at least know what
the proposed fees are and where they will be going. UH will hold two open Student Fee Forums, today and Thursday.

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