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Wensday, January 16, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 73



Democrats grasping at straws

Welcome to yet another semester of brilliant patriotic rhetoric and conservative commentary. Today's focus is on the recent collapse of
Houston-based energy giant Enron, the political ramifications of that collapse and the potential renaming of our brand-new baseball facility. 

Avoid book costs and parking fees

Tuition for 15 semester credit hours: $1,512. Total of random student fees: $413. Estimated cost of books for this semester: $300. An outlying
parking lot permit: $20. The know-how to avoid paying too much for books and permits: priceless.

Argentina faces hard times

A new semester and another column on world affairs is my New Year's gift to y'all. I don't know about your Christmas, but my holiday this year
was pretty lucrative, despite the current recession in this country. 

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