Wensday, January 16, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 73


Democrats keep grasping at straws

Matthew Caster

Welcome to yet another semester of brilliant patriotic rhetoric and conservative commentary. Today's focus is on the recent collapse of
Houston-based energy giant Enron, the political ramifications of that collapse and the potential renaming of our brand-new baseball facility.

Why is this important, considering the current state of crisis in the world? Well, it's really not.

Sure, a few thousand of our friends and neighbors lost their jobs as a result of the complete and total stupidity of the company's upper-level
management. Sure, those people are stuck in the unemployment line with virtually no retirement money set aside. Still, there are more pressing
matters, though it is regretful those must come at the expense of the employees treated so terribly by Enron CEO Ken Lay and others.

There is a war on, after all. Currently, thousands of American citizens have placed themselves in harm's way hunting down Osama bin Laden
and other members of al-Qaida. Thanks to his brilliant leadership through these trying and unprecedented times, Republican President Bush
enjoys approval ratings approaching 90 percent. In an election year, that spells trouble for the Democrats.

They know that, as far as the war is concerned, Bush is untouchable. Therefore, they've got to find something else to try to drag down his
popularity so their party stands a chance in the midterm elections. The liberals, under the leadership of Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), see the economic
state of the nation as the president's weakness. In particular, they are trying to blame the recent economic downturn on Bush's marvelous $1.3
trillion tax cut.

But in the time since good economic records have been kept (and I researched the topic thoroughly), no recession has ever been "caused" by a
tax cut. However, several recessions were cut short by lower taxes.

But the best thing the liberals have come up with yet was broadcast on CNN last week. The reporter was talking about the potential involvement
of the White House in Enron's collapse, and was throwing words like "scandal" into his report, implying that Bush acted illegally in an attempt to
destroy Enron. The caption underneath this reporter read "Enron-gate."

Come on, now. Enron-gate? Who makes this stuff up, anyway? CNN has finally lost all credibility with me. As the spearhead of the liberal press,
it has done nothing in the last year except try to belittle President Bush.

For example, on Sept. 11, CNN was the first network wondering why Bush wasn't in Washington "where he belonged." Never mind that the
nation was under attack.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a Democratic Party on the verge of defeat. Liberals everywhere do nothing but show
complete contempt for intelligent people. They want you to believe higher taxes will stimulate the economy. They want you to believe the
solution to any problem is to throw enough money at it. And now, people like Daschle and Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) want you to believe that
Bush caused the collapse of Enron and put thousands of Texans out of work.

I honestly hope all of you are smart enough to see that a desperate Democratic Party will stop at nothing to hack away at Bush's popularity.

Personally, I think Enron Field should be renamed "Bush Field." God bless America.

Caster, a senior chemical engineering 
major, can be reached at patrioticcatmaster@yahoo.com.

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