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Impress with French dessert

The Best Thing You're Not Eating

Heather L. Nicholson

Chocolate lovers beware! There is a chocolate mousse out there that is a challenge to make and high in calories, but undoubtedly the crème de la crème of desserts.

This French dessert will not only impress guests, but also whet anyone's palate. The great thing about a chocolate mousse is that it can be made hours or
even the day before serving, leaving plenty of time to worry about more important dinner plans.

Mousseline Au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)

Serving Size: Six to eight people. (To serve a group of four, cut recipe in half. For a group of two, cut recipe in half again.)

Melting the Chocolate -- You'll need:

-- One cup semisweet chocolate bits or six squares semisweet baking chocolates

-- Four tablespoons strong coffee

-- A small saucepan and wooden spoon

-- A larger pan with almost-simmering water

Place the chocolate and coffee into the small saucepan. Remove the larger pan with water from the heat and place chocolate pan in it. Stir for a minute or
so until chocolate begins to melt; let it melt slowly over the hot water while you go on with the recipe.

The egg yolks and sugar -- You'll need:

-- Four egg yolks

-- Mixing bowl

-- Wire mixer 

-- Three-fourths cup granulated sugar (instant superfine preferred, but not required)

-- One-fourth cup orange liqueur or rum (non-alcoholic try orange juice or coffee)

-- A pan of almost-simmering water

Place egg yolks in mixing bowl and beat with whip while gradually pouring in the sugar in a thin stream. Continue beating two to three minutes until mixture
is thick and pale.

Beat in the liqueur (or other liquid) and set bowl in the pan of almost-simmering water. Beat at moderate speed four to five minutes until mixture is foamy
and warm.

Remove bowl from hot water and place in cold water. Beat mixture with whip until it cools. It should end up having the consistency of thick, creamy

Adding butter and chocolate -- You'll need:

-- One and one-half sticks (six oz.) softened unsalted butter

Stir chocolate until completely smooth. Gradually beat in softened butter. Beat the chocolate and butter mixture into the yolk and sugar mixture.

Egg whites -- You'll need:

-- Four egg whites, room temperature

-- A clean, dry bowl and egg beater

-- Pinch of salt

-- Two tablespoons granulated sugar

-- A spatula

Beat egg whites slowly until they start to foam. Beat in salt. Increase speed gradually until soft peaks are formed. Add sugar and beat until stiff peaks form.
Stir one-fourth of the egg whites in mixture to lighten it up. Fold in remaining egg whites with a spatula delicately.

Chilling and serving -- You'll need:

-- Your choice of either a lightly oiled dessert mold, serving bowl or individual dessert cups.

-- After pouring mixture into dish, cover and chill for several hours or overnight. Garnishes that can be included are a dollop of whipped cream, seasonal
berries or shaved chocolate slivers.

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