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Wednesday, January 23, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 77



Public relations fudge the truth

Public relations, for all its modern practical purposes, is the work of the devil.

Conflicts continue in Middle East

This weekend, we had a few problematic incidents in Israel and Palestine. Of course, it's all relative thanks to the ongoing problems: Sept. 11 has
made it even more difficult for Americans to identify with Palestinian terrorist groups. Arafat has proven how impotent he is in his inability to stop
the terrorist groups from launching attacks, and then managed to look like he was betraying the trust entirely as the United States and Israel
accused him of knowing about plots to smuggle weaponry into Palestine.

Columnist turn liberal

As designed, my column from last week ("Democrats grasping at straws," Wednesday) attracted a great deal of hate mail from liberals on
campus. From these letters, I realized that perhaps I am as biased as CNN, only in the other direction. Perhaps I should examine "the other side."

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