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Superna comes original on the local scene

Local Edge

Shiley Carter

If you have ever listened to good cover bands and have been to a lot of venues in Houston, then you have most likely heard of Zero Gravity.

That band is where the roots were planted to grow into the all-original rock/alternative band Superna. Vocalist Melanie and her drummer/guitarist
Nick met in 1998 in Zero Gravity and played music ranging from Rage Against the Machine to 311 to Tool.

After gaining a fairly large following and building their skills, Nick and Melanie felt it was time to move on.

In 2000, the two began writing original songs before making the final step toward leaving the cover scene. After joining with J.T. (bass), Obi
(turntables, keys and beats) and Dom (drums), Superna was complete with over 30 original songs. Ten of these songs would be compiled into
the band's new album, Reflect.

Superna, meaning "otherworldly," combines a complex array of touches from several different genres of music, taking the listener to another
musical level.

The band has been performing all over Houston in preparation for the release of Reflect this month. Singer Melanie puts a nice twist to the
band's appearance as an eccentrically hot female performer taking center stage.

Reflect has many nice touches, from the steady-grooving beat of track two, "Scared," to the eerily romantic oddities of "Broken" and even the
thought-provoking lyrics of track seven, "The Scorpion."

Melanie sings, "Rely, destroy break down to defy/ Set right, convince yourself there is an eye for your electric light/ The process by which we can
multiply the mind/ Illumination's fine if there's no light."

The album never gets stuck in the same beat or sound; rather, it has diversity in all it produces. The tempo may be slow and melodic for one song
while the next may have listeners bobbing heads or tapping fingers to an upbeat piece of musical creativity.

Superna's Reflect will be released on Solar Flare Records. The band is currently preparing to film its first music video and to go on a short
regional tour.

Superna often hosts shows and events in its 7,000 sq.-foot studio/warehouse dubbed "the Cryolab," helping to further spread the word and the
sound it creates in the local scene.

On Saturday, Superna will be at Wherehouse Music inside Baybrook Mall from 2 to 5 p.m. for a "meet the band" buying and signing of its debut
album. Also, listen to KPFT 90.1-FM at 2 a.m. Feb. 10 for a live broadcast with the members of Superna.

There are many other performances and events Superna will be part of in the future. For more information, visit

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