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Thursday, January 24, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 78



Israel disobeys international laws 

Many question when the Middle East violence and terror will end. I strongly believe the problem lies in the occupation. Getting rid of the
occupation is like removing a malignant tumor that has eaten away at the peace process for years and claimed the lives of several thousand

Adults can be as immature as kids

Just recently I quit my job of more than two years at my dad's office, and as I sit back to reflect on my time there, I realize I learned a very valuable
lesson. Adults are every bit as immature as their adolescent counterparts. 

Democrats make race an issue

When in doubt, use the race card. This has been a popular strategy of leftists anytime they fall behind in elections or need ammunition to run
down persons of integrity, especially conservatives. If politics were a card game, the race card would be the trump. It has been a source of usury
since the 1960s by most liberal Democrats for some time now. If you can't dig up some dirt on your opponent to feed the liberal media monster,
well, the race card is the secret weapon of choice.

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