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Democrats often make race an issue

Joshua W. DeLano

When in doubt, use the race card. This has been a popular strategy of leftists anytime they fall behind in elections or need ammunition to run
down persons of integrity, especially conservatives. If politics were a card game, the race card would be the trump. It has been a source of usury
since the 1960s by most liberal Democrats for some time now. If you can't dig up some dirt on your opponent to feed the liberal media monster,
well, the race card is the secret weapon of choice.

Take our beloved Mayor Lee P. Brown, for example; things got tight in last year's runoff election, so he played the race card on the week of the
election. Volunteers and radio stations polluted our eyes and ears with literature and commercials accusing Orlando Sanchez of being racist
because he wasn't behind the hate crime bill.

First of all, it is a crime to murder someone; we prosecute murderers. The people who prompted the formation of this hate crime bill were the
murderers of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, in Texas' renowned dragging case.

Let's take a moment to evaluate this. Those racist bigots who killed Byrd got what was coming to them prison and the death penalty. The hate
crime bill is simply a liberal tool to attempt to curry favor with the black community. 

It wouldn't do anything in furthering prosecution of crimes committed because they are already illegal, whether the charge is murder or assault
and battery.

Also jumping on the bandwagon of conservative-bashing was our tree-hugging boy Al Gore. 

He used the dragging death ad, throwing the gruesome death into the living rooms of America during the last election in an attempt to call
President Bush and conservative Republicans racist. Why? Simply to benefit himself politically; I guess it didn't work.

Who's using whom? Who are the real racists? Not to say all liberals are racists, but they don't all really represent the issues of black America. It's
such an easy thing to do, playing the race card. It's a very powerful tool to attempt to brainwash black America into believing conservatives are
against them, that they are the bad guys the party of white people as a national leader did make a similar remark.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chairman Julian Bond, in a recent speech, said, "Republicans remade themselves
as the white people's party." Indeed, racism does exist and everyone experiences it, even white people.

Last but not least, Mr. Race Card: Jesse Jackson himself. Do we really believe that a person who says he will call a chief executive officer or a
company racist, unless they pay him some money to keep from saying this, is really representing the interests of blacks? It sounds like he is
benefiting himself, and his wallet. After all, he does have some child support to pay.

Speaking of the Reverend Jackson, he'll be in town here in Houston to "help" (read: get his picture in the paper and back into the public eye)
Enron workers in a protest.

This is not the dream the great Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind when he said, "Black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and
Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, 'Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at

It seems these people simply use the race card and black America to benefit themselves. Where do their interests lie? 

Who has the most culturally diverse cabinet in the history of the office as president? 

Well, it's the guy with a black secretary of state (Colin Powell) and national security advisor (Condoleezza Rice), along with Asians and Hispanics
filling numerous other cabinet positions. I think he's a Republican named George W. Bush. The office of president is representing America with
integrity, justice and diversity once again.

The race card is only played to keep Americans of all races from seeing one thing: the truth.

Delano, a sophomore political science
major, can be reached at

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