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Keep it open

Over the past several years, there have been numerous movements to extend operating hours at the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

The UH administration has generally responded by producing study after study that says there is not adequate demand to justify the extra
expense in salaries and utilities.

Many students feel the library's current hours are not adequate, particularly for students who work at one or more jobs and need to use the
library's facilities at late hours.

Experiments to extend library hours to 24 hours during finals have met with considerable success. That is, there have been students who have
used the library at all hours of the night.

This should not be an issue of equating specific dollar amounts to the number of books looked at during the wee hours of the night.

The important issue is that this is a university, and should be in the business of helping students to learn. With all the working students and
students with families who attend UH, having a library that is open when those students can use it should be a high priority. The University
should make an effort to help its students in any way it is able.

That isn't to say the University should accommodate every wish of every student. But this issue is one that keeps coming up and has widespread
support across the campus.

Short of making the library open 24 hours, there is a second option, one that might be more acceptable to the administration.

On Fridays, the library closes at 8:45 p.m. While virtually all students would probably rather be doing something other than studying at the library
on Friday night, some students would like the library to be open until 12:45 a.m., as it is Sunday through Thursday.

On Saturdays, the library is open from 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. These hours are completely unacceptable. For people who have to work during the
week, Saturday is the best time to get studying done, yet the library is open for less than nine hours.

The library should be open longer hours, and money needs to be found for this purpose. This isn't a gigantic amount of money being talked
about. There doesn't need to be a new building or hundreds of new workers. All that is necessary is a few more staff salaries and some money for
utilities. And our students are worth it.

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