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U2, 'NSync signed on to play Awards

By Ellen Simonson
Daily Cougar Staff

Irish rockers U2, boy band 'NSync and piano goddess Alicia Keys are the first three artists confirmed to play at the 44th Grammy Awards (Feb. 27
on CBS).

Citing the "diversity and limitless talent" of the artists, Recording Academy President Michael Greene said the 2002 show will be the "most
dynamic ever." 'NSync which will be touring this spring is scheduled to play with a "special guest," most likely rapper Nelly.

New album already? Say it ain't so!

Catchy-yet-melancholy band Weezer has announced a tentative release date for its upcoming album Maladroit.

The album, the band's fourth, is scheduled to come out in April and will include such singles as "Take Control," "Dope Noise" and "Keep Fishin'."
The name Maladroit was suggested by a fan. Weezer's most recent (and second self-titled) album was released in May.


Rapper Corey Miller (better known as C-Murder, or the younger brother of Master P) was arrested Friday for first-degree murder. Miller is alleged
to have fatally shot 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a club in New Orleans on Jan. 12. In August, C-Murder was charged with two counts of
attempted first-degree murder for pulling a gun at a club in Baton Rouge, La.

All for nothing

Janet Jackson announced Tuesday that she may retire from the road after her current tour. The All For You tour was launched in July and
punctuated by several cancellations and postponments, many because of Jackson's exhaustion. She canceled her European tour in response to
the Sept. 11 attacks and will resume playing Friday in Louisville, Ky. The tour will end Feb. 16 in Honolulu.

Forever Young

Canadian "godfather of grunge" Neil Young is set to release a new album March 26. Young, who attained prominence in the '70s with singles like
"Heart of Gold," will also be touring beginning in February with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

The new album, titled Are You Passionate?, is said to be "an eclectic batch of hearfelt love songs." It will include "Let's Roll," Young's musical
reaction to the heroism of Sept. 11 Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer. Beamer led the other passengers in a revolt against the plane's hijackers.

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