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Mike Tyson is bad for the sweet science

Sports Opinion

Christian Schmidt

For all the bad press boxing has gotten the sport is too violent, boxers suffer permanent brain damage nothing compares to the bad
publicity Mike Tyson can generate.

Tyson is a one-man sin factory. He has been accused twice of rape, convicted once (he will stand trial this spring for the second charge), been
involved in numerous brawls, bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield's ear and beaten his former wife Robin Givens.

Tyson has also been diagnosed with mental problems, specifically depression and rage issues.

Most recently though, he was in line to fight Lennox Lewis, the champion who is widely acclaimed as the best heavyweight in the world today.

Unfortunately, at a press conference for the upcoming fight, Tyson started throwing punches at Lewis' bodyguard. A melee ensued, with
participants from both boxers' camps joining in.

Sources have said that Tyson even bit Lewis' foot during the brawl.

This debacle comes just weeks after Tyson assaulted an employee of the hotel he was staying at in Cuba, of all places. American citizens aren't
even supposed to go to Cuba.

Perhaps the worst part for Tyson is that both of his most recent indiscretions were caught on tape. A local television station filmed the hotel
incident and national media caught the press conference altercation.

Tyson is a cancer in a sport that can't afford any more publicity. Perhaps the latest incidents in Tyson's long history of problems will be the one
that gets him banned from boxing forever.

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