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Machinehead rocks Houston, disses Dallas

By Shiley Carter
Daily Cougar Staff

Machinehead's "Supercharging America" tour stopped in Houston on Friday to deliver a mind-blowing, energy-filled performance to a packed crowd at The Engine Room.

Mauro Alvarez/The Daily Cougar

Machinehead lead singer Robert Flynn performs a sober show at The Engine Room in Houston on Friday.

Machinehead released its fourth album, Supercharger, late last year after having the release date pushed back three weeks following the Sept. 11 attacks. The decision to
release the album was difficult, the band members said, but they felt that with the tour starting in this new year, Americans should be ready to move on and enjoy a hardcore rock

During the performance, which featured an unfathomable amount of raw energy and a mosh pit almost half the size of the venue, vocalist Robert Flynn took time out to show his
patriotism as he pointed out the five flags hanging gracefully from the ceiling of the venue. He then dedicated "Deafening Silence" off Supercharger to the victims of the attacks.

Including songs off its popular 1999 release The Burning Red, Machinehead's distorted guitars, crashing drums and sing/scream vocals kept the power in the crowd going and the
real fans singing along.

"The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears" produced maddening chaos on the floor as the fans released their powerhouse love for the heavy music.

After the show, lead singer Flynn admitted this was the band's first Houston performance at which he didn't play hung over. He said he couldn't even remember the show he
played at Numbers two years ago because of the partying he did at the Clubhouse with Pantera the night before.

This time, though, the sober singer said there is one thing he can say for sure: "Dallas sucks, Austin rocks and Houston rules!"

Supercharger, much like The Burning Red, is getting a great vibe in America, but is losing its appeal on foreign shores.

"I feel like we, as a band, put everything out possible (for Supercharger)," Flynn said. "We put 150 percent in all we do."

When asked about the band's quest for world domination, Flynn admitted to feeling very unaccomplished.

"I still have a lot to achieve," he said. "We have to win our audience over. Music is about the fun."

The heavier style and in-your-face music Machinehead produces is not exactly radio material, but it is the sound the band members love making and the sound that makes the

"The world would be a better place if Crazytown was replaced on the radio by Machinehead," Flynn said.

It's hard to disagree with that sentiment. And for all you fans out there who were "just wondering," Flynn said he does still drink his "vodka and C-O-K-E." As a matter of fact, I saw it
for myself.

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