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Dave Matthews Band adds flavor to famous dessert

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Ben and Jerry's ice cream franchise is set to bring in yet another rock influence in its wide assortment of flavors.

Already known for paying tribute to such rock artists as Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, the dessert duo has reached an agreement to name a new flavor One Sweet Whirled,
inspired by the Dave Matthews Band's Remember Two Things track "One Sweet World."

A portion of the sales of One Sweet Whirled will go to a charity of DMB's choice, a tradition that started with the flavors Cherry Garcia and Phish Food. DMB has been known for
being very active in environmental and other social-oriented charities.

It's just a name, baby

MGM and Danjaq, the British company that controls the rights to the James Bond films, have obtained a cease-and-desist order against New Line Cinema that will prohibit the
movie company from calling the second Austin Powers sequel Austin Powers in Goldmember.

The two companies argued that New Line's title (which is a takeoff of the 1964 Bond film Goldfinger) is being used "without authorization."

New Line is in the midst of the arbitration process and is trying to resolve the matter in the favor of all three parties. In the meantime, the new Mike Myers film (which also stars
Destiny's Child's Beyoncé Knowles), will be referred to as "the third installment of Austin Powers."

Limped out

In his first interview since leaving rock/rap Total Request Live gods Limp Bizkit, guitarist Wes Borland admitted that the band's success and popularity was becoming bigger than
the band itself something that did not bode well with him.

The more Limp Bizkit's popularity grew, the more Borland felt uncomfortable.

"Bells start going off, like, 'This is what it feels like to sell out,'" Borland told MTV. "I'm enjoying all the perks of (the band), but I feel my heart is going black because this is not what
I'm called to do.

"The little voice inside my head says, 'You should be somewhere else. You should take the risk. You should let it go.'"

Known as one of the more talented members of the band, Borland said he feels Limp will be better off without him.

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