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‘Mothmani based on West Virginia farce

By Heather L. Nicholson
Daily Cougar Staff

Like a page from The X-Files, Mothman Prophecies explores the unexplained and poses the question: Is it true?

This different type of horror movie doesnit scare with blood and guts. Its terror comes at you in the form of strange voices, bizarre telephone calls and all those shady things that go
bump in the night.

Hollywood probably hyped up the Mothman story for better film ratings, but that doesnit change the fact that the events that occurred in Point Pleasant, W.Va., during the 1960s
are truly believed by its residents.

Forty years ago, more than 20 Point Pleasant residents reported a moth-like man appearing, along with strange phone calls that sounded like a high-pitched squeal on the other

Whether these sightings are true or not, the movie leaves up to us. The majestic mothman can prophesize future tragedies; the select few who have been able to share his
knowledge knew of plane crashes and earthquakes before they happened.

Richard Gere plays his typical role (yawn) ­ a rich somebody living in New York, Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. In his movies, not excluding this one, he finds some way to take
weeks off his job to pursue the girl, get the story, chase the mothman or what have you. Remember Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride and Autumn in New York? Seriously, 

Gere hasnit made a decent movie since Officer and a Gentleman.

Debra Messing, "Grace" from Will & Grace, has a short yet effective role to play in this movie. Breaking away from prime-time television to cinematic stardom is not always easy.
Messingis role is short, to the point and imperative to the story without giving us an overdose of Grace.

The film is based on John A. Keelis best-selling book, which details the strange occurences in Point Pleasant that culminated in the collapse of the townis Silver Bridge. The
catastrophe killed 46 people; afterwards, the mothman sightings stopped.

That much, at least, is true.

Mothman Prophecies

*** (out of five stars)

Rated PG-13

Staring: Richard Gere, Debra Messing

Sony Pictures

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