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A&M's paper makes apology

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The Battalion, the student newspaper of Texas A&M University, was forced to apologize in Monday's editions of its publication for publishing a
cartoon many found to be insensitive.

The paper and its staff have been under fire since Jan. 14 when the cartoon, which depicted a black mother admonishing her child for failing a
class, ran. The two were drawn with features common in racist propaganda. 

The apology ran in The Battalion's opinion page and stated the paper "has a responsibility to hold the public's trust. When that trust is broken, as
has happened over a cartoon called racist, an apology is in order to rebuild that trust."

The apology also stated the newspaper would not run the cartoon if it had it to do over again. A planned protest was canceled after the apology

A&M President Ray Bowen applauded the paper's apology, saying he was proud of its editors' decision and that it was the right thing to do. 

This came after Bowen's letter criticizing the fact that the cartoon was published.

The artist, Chad Mallam, goes by the pen name "The Uncartoonist" and has been criticized before. 

Previous editorial cartoons have offended other racial, ethnic and religious groups. A former editor asked Mallam to apologize for a cartoon that
offended the Jewish community.

First semester Battalion editor in chief Mariano Castillo was second-guessed not just by the A&M community but by several college newspapers
as well. 

The outcry had become as much about sensitivity as it was about free speech and the paper's right to publish the cartoon.

Castillo was unavailable for comment at press time.

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