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Have you been feeling sick lately? Are you and your friends suffering from a fever? Do your daily class lectures often include interruptions of
continuous coughs and sneezes?

Make no mistake about it, fellow Cougars UH is getting sick. There is always something going around, but this is getting ridiculous. Three-fifths
of The Daily Cougar's Editorial Board is suffering some sort of illness. The newsroom is full of sniffs, coughs and throat-clearings. 

And to make matters worse, everybody is breathing on everybody else, making more and more students and teachers sick every day.

The University of Texas suffered a tragic loss last week when one of its students died suddenly of what is believed to be a case of bacterial
meningitis. Joseph Blackstock died Tuesday, fueling a rush for students to be tested and treated for meningitis.

Texas A&M University also felt the need to encourage its students to take precautions because of Blackstock's death. 

Although no other cases of meningitis have been reported, both universities have been adamant about getting students to the clinics to make
sure no one else becomes seriously ill or contagious.

Vaccines are available to prevent meningitis, among other diseases, from surfacing and spreading throughout the student bodies.

No such problem has been brought to the attention of UH officials, but perhaps as students, we should take it upon ourselves to make sure we
are all tested and kept healthy. 

Also, if you're sick, don't cough or breathe heavily on other people. First of all, it's not polite. Second of all, if you're already sick, there's no need to
get everyone else around you sick as well.

Finally, if you're using these "sick days" to take up one of your absences, remember that it's always wiser to use an absence to go to the beach or
take the day off. You don't want to waste it at home on your sickbed.

However, if you are sick enough to stay at home, then by all means stay there. You'd be better off staying home sick than spreading your illness
around at school, forcing someone else to use up one of his or her absences.

So visit your family doctor or even the school clinic. Cover your mouth when you cough and use a Kleenex when you sneeze. 

Take your vitamins. Let's keep UH sick-free!

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