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Tyson is crazy; fight is off

Mike Tyson was denied a license to box in the state of Nevada earlier this week. The decision by the Nevada Boxing
Commission not to allow Tyson to box in Nevada put plans for a fight between Tyson and champion Lennox Lewis on hold

The decision also cost Las Vegas somewhere between $300 million and $400 million in revenue associated with playing
host to the fight, including gambling revenue, fight receipts and other more common tourism income.

That's not to say that Tyson and Lewis will not fight. There is interest from Detroit, New York and even Denmark to hold the

Tyson has now taken significant chunks of flesh out of two men with his teeth. Evander Holyfield's ear now has a little less to
it, since Tyson bit some off, and Lewis reported that Tyson bit through the leg of his pants and took flesh out as well.

When he boxes again, and unfortunately he will, the man should wear a muzzle. Seriously. He can't be trusted not to bite his
opponent. Of course, muzzling him will just mean he will have to find some other way to violate his opponent.

Some people might find it hard to differentiate Tyson's behavior from that of others in his profession. After all, boxers are paid
very large sums of money to beat the daylights out of other boxers.

But Tyson makes it easy to condemn him. There is no doubt that his behavior has at times been both morally reprehensible
and illegal. He has twice been accused of rape and convicted once (the other charge has not yet gone to trial). He beat his
then-wife Robin Givens. He has been involved in brawls of various types too numerous to mention.

The man either cannot or will not accept the truth ­ he cannot use the same kind of violence in the world that he does in the

This is not to say that the members of the Nevada Boxing Commission are so righteous that they can turn down $400 million
of tourist money on principle. It's simply that they were left with little choice.

Tyson's behavior, both now and in the past, is so horrible that no one in his or her right mind should let the man in a boxing
ring. In fact, Tyson should probably be receiving the medical help he needs in a psychiatric facility.

Let's hope Tyson gets the help he needs and stays out of the ring. Lennox Lewis' ears can't afford to take the chance.


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