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Thursday, February 7, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 88



Liberals make excuses for criminals

I have been inspired to take off my Republican glasses of clarity, truth and logic and to replace them with the rose lenses of liberalism, just for
long enough to see Osama bin Laden as liberal Democrats see him: as a hero who's overcome adversity. A person like Andrea Yates, who is
not accountable for her own actions. Now of course poor Andrea had post-partum depression, so that's her excuse ... er, um, I mean, reason.

True history doesn't come in textbooks

The current leftist fad of blaming capitalism and its basic underlying philosophy of greed for the current U.S. mania for globe-trotting mass
murder doesn't quite explain the current situation well enough.

'Classless society' shows its utter lack if class at the 'super bowl'

Every time I begin to feel complacent or think people are responsible enough to make good decisions, I am shocked awake by another
heartbreaking example of human shortcomings.

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