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True history doesn't come in textbooks

Randy Woock

The current leftist fad of blaming capitalism and its basic underlying philosophy of greed for the current U.S. mania for globe-trotting mass
murder doesn't quite explain the current situation well enough.

Sure, money and natural resources (like oil) have been sufficient reasons for America to slaughter foreigners before, but I think there's
something in addition to greed pushing the expansion of the American empire across the globe. Something fueling Bush Jr.'s war machine
just as it fueled those of his presidential predecessors.

That something is a good old-fashioned white Anglo-Saxon Protestant fetish for killing dark-skinned people. A driving force as All-American
as "yo' mama" jokes and arsenic-flavored apple pie.

It has its roots in American antiquity, when those Calvinist religious fanatics known as the Pilgrims got tired of being bottom-dog in Europe
and sailed across the ocean to set up a colony where they could do the persecuting.

It was reflected in the decimation of the Native Americans, who always seemed to stand in the way of good land that could be better utilized
by white settlers than by ignorant savages who hadn't even invented the wheel yet.

It's been shown time and time again in Latin America, where the United States has invaded (or "conducted military interventions in") various
countries dozens of times to show those silly mestizos that their great white brother to the north knows how to run their countries much better
than they ever could.

It was apparent during the U.S. invasions of Korea and Vietnam, where American troops massacred women, children and other civilians.
They didn't look like us, so make with the napalm already, right? Right. And since it's hard to stop when the good times are rolling, the U.S.
military went ahead and destroyed the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia, too.

Seems like the American war machine developed a taste for Oriental blood back in the Second World War. From counting the millions of
bodies left by our nation's rape of the Asian subcontinent, I'd have to wager a guess that the stuff's more addictive than crack cocaine.

The roster of shame wouldn't be complete without some recounting of the good times America's had in the Middle East. Bombing Libya back
in the 1980s was fun, but nowhere near as thrilling as the high-tech pyrotechnics available when George the Elder decided that the stolen
lives of more than 100,000 Iraqis was a fair price to pay for Americans to get to save a nickel on gas at the pumps.

Bombing Iraq was such a thrill that the next two presidential administrations have made a regular habit of it. American warplanes and
American embargoes have killed more than a half-million Iraqi children since the early 1990s. Can't have the little buggers breeding on us
now, can we?

All of which now brings us to the current U.S. efforts to bring down the non-Caucasoid population of the world: The recent mass killings in
Afghanistan. What was that? Oh, right, I almost forgot; those sub-humans were slaughtered en masse to "preserve freedom" for "peace-loving
people" like you and me. 

All those cluster bombs were a magnificent thing, then, considering how all those dead and deformed children filling the Afghan morgues and
hospital wards were such threats to our ability to vote for the bloated plutocrat of our choice come Election Day.

Not quite the way you recall events unfolding? Is what I've written not at all how it was presented to you in history class? Hey, it's not what I
was ever told growing up, either, but I can't for the life of me figure out why this nation has been, since even before its official inception, busy
killing non-Caucasian people.

Is it America's unofficial goal to make the world safe for the white phenotype? With a few time-outs taken to stain the sword of liberty with
European blood for variety's sake, the American war machine has been primarily aimed at the better-tanned members of the global village.

I obviously don't have the answers; I'm just theorizing based upon empirical data. The ruling elite doesn't exactly call me when it feels it has
something to get off its chest. But my theory makes more honest sense (to me, at least) than any of the self-serving hokum fed to us by our
politicians or history classes.

If there are two things in life I've learned never to trust, they've got to be history textbooks and a politician's rationalization for murder.

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major, can be reached at

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