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Recruits must equal wins soon

The UH football team signed a class of 25 players Wednesday.

Four of those had actually already joined the team at the start of the spring semester, and should give the team some solid players.

This class is a good one. There are several very good players, led by Galveston Ball running back Roshawn Pope and junior college tight
end Jon Clark, brother of former Cougar kicker Mike Clark.

But last year's class was a good one as well, and most of the players never even made it onto the field. Why? Because head coach Dana
Dimel chose to redshirt virtually all of them. Dimel's reasoning was that giving the players a year to mature would make them better down the
road. In short, he chose to sacrifice the present for the future of the program.

Dimel's strategy had better work, because if he gives Cougar fans another 0-11 season, he won't be around long enough to see if his strategy
works. A record of 0-22 in two seasons equals a firing.

This year will be the first that the team will consist primarily of players Dimel recruited himself. And that means this year's record will be the
first for which Dimel will take full responsibility. It will be exclusively Dimel's coaching ability and the team's desire that will determine just how
far the Cougars go.

Dimel stressed in a press conference yesterday that many of the players will see playing time this season, but he said similar things last year,
and it simply didn't happen.

The best thing Dimel has done is to recruit locally. Houston is one of the nation's great hotbeds for athletic talent. Eighteen of the players
Dimel has signed are from the greater Houston area, and three are from Houston Independent School District. 

As Dimel says, this recruiting class has players from "every part of Houston."

Dimel has also shown a commitment to recruit primarily high school talent, rather than taking too many players from junior colleges. While
junior college players are often more experienced than high school players, they don't have long to learn the team's system and become a
part of the school.

Signing high school players is the mark of a coach who is building for the future, and Dimel has done a fair job of that.

Dimel needs to keep recruiting top talent. He also needs to win some games. Soon. Or he should probably polish up that résumé.

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