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For the second time in six years, the Olympics will descend on American soil. And with the Olympics comes a renewed sense of

But this year it's different. The country doesn't need to re-awaken its love of itself, because ever since Sept. 11, most Americans have
appreciated the values and idea's of our country.

Americans have been hoarding the global spotlight since, well, forever and have little airtime or news holes to devote to global issues.

Maybe media outlets in our country will begin to realize that there is more going on in the world besides Enron and Sept. 11.

The Olympics are the ultimate display of patriotism, with each country vying for the world spotlight. But more times than not, we
Americans feel just because we are the richest and most powerful nation in the world that our patriotism is more important and sacred
than that of any other country.

No one is arguing that patriotism is bad, no, not at all. But the pseudo-patriotism that has come in the form of foreign cars plastered with
American flags and using the phrase "God Bless America" more than Arnold used "What you talking 'bout Willis?" on famed 1980s
sitcom Diff'rent Strokes has raised questions.

It's gotten to the point that one can't be too certain as to whether or not the patriotism being displayed is genuine or just a show.

The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 initially brought out the best in the country. But since the screams of pain have now become whispers,
the worst of the country is returning.

What's worse is that the true spirit, excelling in goodwill games, has been tarnished by combat all over the globe.

In the Olympics' original incarnation, nations would lay down all arms in an effort to extend the olive branch, if just for a brief amount of

Our country hasn't slowed its assaults in its efforts to find Osama bin Laden. Israel and Palestine continue their never-ending skirmish. 

The thing is, many countries have dealt with blatant acts of hate, but they have dealt with them in an almost private matter. As the world
tries to move closer towards the "global community," it's important that we remember this fact.

God bless America and the world.

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