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Tuesday, February 12, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 91



Anti-abortionist take UH to court

The Pro-Life Cougars organization is suing our University. Why? Apparently, its proposed choice of site to put up the gigantic, nauseating
anti-abortion display from Justice For All was denied. It had wanted the place it put it up originally last March, right in front of the library.

Poor self-image looms over women

I know it's not P.C. or anything, but I'm a big game hunter with an eye for endangered animals. The more rare and exceptional the beast,
the more likely it is to find, itself in my sights. I've hunted 'em all shot Siberian tigers, harpooned narwhals, trapped whooping cranes and
run over mountain gorillas in my Land Rover. All these conquests, and yet, I still seek the most elusive animal of all: a woman with a positive physical self-image.

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