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Wednesday, February 13, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 92



'AskShasta'Web site to open in fall

An intelligent question-answering Internet service similar to AskJeeves will be added to the UH Web site, and a contract is expected to be awarded within two weeks to the vendor who will help develop the system, senior information technology department managers said.

Enron is focus of law symposium

On the same day that former Enron chief executive officer Kenneth Lay "took the Fifth" in his appearance before Congress, a panel of legal and accounting experts spoke about the ramifications of the energy company's collapse in a symposium at the UH Law Center.

SPB helps students plan group events

In an effort to increase student participation and awareness, the Student Program Board has revamped its structure, adding four new committees that should make it easier for people to become involved.

TLC2 will aid in research at UH and worldwide

A new computation, visualization and educational facility at UH will connect campus researchers with scientists around the world and help in environmental studies, biological and biomedical research and development of energy exploration.

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