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TLC2 will aid in research at UH 
and worldwide

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A new computation, visualization and educational facility at UH will connect campus researchers with scientists around the world and help in environmental studies, biological and biomedical research and development of energy exploration.

More than $22 million in research funding is associated with programs, institutes and centers supported by the Texas Learning and Computation Center TLC2.

TLC2 officially opens at 10 a.m. Tuesday on the second floor of Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall.

Two sophisticated pieces of equipment will allow users to view and interact with three-dimensional images on large, high-resolution monitors. 

Scientists can rotate and manipulate images of molecules used in medical research. Geologists and geophysicists can see formations within the earth to help in oil and gas exploration. 

UH projects focusing on the environment, air quality, medical imaging and interpretation of seismic data will also benefit from the technology.

TLC2 was established at UH in September 1999 with funding from the Texas Legislature and nearly $4 million from NASA. Other federal, state and private agencies also support individual projects and the center's infrastructure.

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