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Wreckshop gains notoriety with Houston talent

Local Groove

Becky Proctor

Wreckshop Records was created in 1997 by Derrick "D-Reck" Dixon.

His vision to begin an independent record label in Houston stemmed from the talented rappers in the area and their supportive fans. The label specializes in r&b and rap and promotes accomplished entertainers from the "dirty south."

The label aims to introduce the world to future entertainers in music, as well as television and movies. As a new label, its artists may be few, but the talents of those few leave large impressions.

The Wreckshop family includes r&b singer Ronnie Spencer and rap artists ESG, Tyte Eyez, Double D, D Gotti, Noke D, Dirty Dollar and Fat Pat.

The success of the great Fat Pat established the reign of Wreckshop Records. Violence ended the career of the rapper, who was a local trendsetter in the rap game. Before his death, he accomplished neighborhood notoriety in a short time.

His album Ghetto Dreams sold 250,000 copies, with 20,000 copies selling in its first week in Houston. Fat Pat's "Tops Drop" and "Throwed in da Game" charted on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart.

These tunes had the right mix of up-tempo beats and catchy hooks. Fat Pat had the power to make his listener move while motivating that listener to see the world as he saw it. His accomplishments proved his talent and aided in the success of Wreckshop Records.

Despite his untimely fall, Fat Pat has continued to reign as a rap mogul. The rapper's memory will never die, as his music lives on without him.

Wreckshop's remaining artists continue to contribute to its fame. Big Moe, Houston's "Barre Baby," is a huge part of Wreckshop's success. Big Moe was born and raised in UH's backdoor, the Third Ward (south of downtown, east of Highway 288 and north of Old Spanish Trail).

His vocal talents were recognized at the tender age of six as a member of the church choir. This motivated him to participate in Second Verse, a singing group out of Yates High School.

He later met the late DJ Screw, founder of the Screwed Up Click, at a local talent show. DJ Screw introduced Big Moe to the music industry and featured Moe's gifts on his 3 in the Morning release. This exposure gave Big Moe the opportunity to release his own album under the Wreckshop label.

City of Syrup was released on July 18 and it generated instant success for the artist. The album is a salute to Big Moe's pastime, "sippin' syrup." His local hit "Barre Baby" was placed in heavy rotation, and he had all of Houston singing along.

The hit single "MANN!" has given the South a theme song. "MANN!" was inspired by Black Rob's "Whoa," but has a southern drawl that explains the realness of the "dirty south."

Big Moe's success is new, so he is definitely not done yet. He has collaborated with label mate D-Gotti to produce "Purple Stuff" to the memory of his "Barre Baby" reputation. He will once again release an album, titled Purple World, under Wreckshop's direction on April 23.

For more Wreckshop artists, check out The Collabo featuring Big Pokey and the Wreckshop Wolfpack, in stores now. MANN! The Movie is also in stores, and it is a collection of scenes from backstage concerts, after-parties and behind the scenes of the "MANN!" video, and has a special dedication to DJ Screw.

Wreckshop is growing, and with the talent of the Wreckshop family it will certainly continue to improve Houston's reputation in the music industry.

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