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Happy Valentine's Day, baby

February 14 has come once again, and with it the inevitable hoopla surrounding Valentine's Day.

Some couples will celebrate their love for each other, some may realize their love isn't quite what they thought it was, and singles will either bemoan their lack of a significant other, not care, or thank their lucky stars they don't have to put up with somebody's crap.

Yes, the day has become horribly over-commercialized to the point where it's merely a disgusting ritual of buying useless crap in a vain effort to show your sweetie just how much you truly love her or him. Chubby little diaper-clad men with wings will appear in droves ready to fire arrows into any unsuspecting sap.

People selling roses and heart-shaped balloons and an assortment of other Valentine's kitsch have crawled out of the woodwork and are selling their wares in the Moody Towers, Oberholtzer Hall and the University Center, catering to buyers with more money than sense.

But think of the ideas behind Valentine's Day. The love and affection shown in such an extravagant fashion for one day a year could be divided into small doses, making love day everyday.

Instead of expending a Herculean effort to make the "perfect night," try to make 365 nights a year just a little better.

Say "I love you" when (and if) you feel like it, not because it's some special day and you feel like you should. Instead, tell that special someone how you actually feel, even if it may not sound like a speech straight out of fairy tales.

Too often people get so wrapped up in the material aspects of Valentine's Day they lose sight of what's truly important. Remember why you became involved with that person who is currently driving you crazy by buying you those chocolates that are just going to make you fat, and dwell on the positive, not the negative.

Don't be too disappointed if your night doesn't go as planned. It really isn't the end of the world and if your night going poorly affects your relationship, then maybe, just maybe, it wasn't meant to be anyway.

Enjoy that special night, and take joy in whatever it is that you and your partner do, because it is important to be together, no matter what happens.

Have a good Valentine's Day, and have 364 more good days until old Feb. 14 comes around again.

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