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Thursday, February 14, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 93



Denzel plays a bad guy again in 'John Q'

For those planning to celebrate a romantic weekend for Valentine's Day, the Edwards Houston Marq*E 23 is probably worth a visit. 

Laredo's Wolfekit raps and rocks 
its own way

The overdone rap/rock music combination has obviously overstayed its welcome in the music scene during the past five years. 

Art shows and exhibits remain diverse 
in Houston

Art museums may evoke different kinds of reactions among people from various walks of life. There are the art lovers who could gaze at and enjoy any piece of art without even batting an eyelid, and there are the visitors who just waltz into an art museum to pass some of their time, even though they may not know what to expect

'Rent,' 'My Fair Lady' on stage

With Valentine's Day's arrival, do not fret over what kind of chocolate or flowers to buy. Break from the norm and have a memorable day of love. There are many alternatives to the usual Valentine's Day routine.

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