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'Lovey-dovey' schmaltz day is over

Kristin Buchanan

After being nauseatingly bombarded with commercialism and heart-shaped candy, I can definitely say this: The best thing about
Feb. 14 is that the overwhelming tidal wave of commercialism ends Feb. 15.

Now that all the lovey-dovey Valentine's Day drama is over, we can all rush to the stores for half-price candy.

As we finish off our discounted chocolates, let us not forget the true meaning of the holiday that should last throughout the year.

Even though a holiday may be over, its spirit can live on why else would The Daily Cougar newsroom still have a Christmas
wreath hanging from its ceiling?

Valentine's Day should be about showing your appreciation for the people who really matter, whether it be a significant other, a
good friend or your next of kin.

And in the continuing spirit of Valentine's Day, I present to my readers all the things I can't help but love about dear old UH.

Let me begin with the ever-so-homey Communication Building. It's warm, inviting ... hey, what's not to love? Maybe the sparse
computer lab availability in the building that leaves students wandering like gypsies throughout the day, for one. Or, within
those labs, maybe the slow servers and scarcity of printers.

I especially love the fact that the only good coffee on campus is the French hazelnut-flavored instant coffee that comes from a
machine in the University Center convenience store. While it's pretty good stuff, it couldn't compare to a good fresh cup of
French roast coffee, which isn't available within school grounds.

Another thing I absolutely love about UH is the apparent fact that one of my former hangouts, the Satellite, won't be available
any time soon. (And yet the recreation center construction is strangely progressing rapidly. I guess we know where UH's
priorities are.) What was once a cool place to kick back in front of the television, get a quick bite to eat and waste quarters on
video games is now a cold, forbidding compound surrounded by a chain-link fence. I can't help but wonder if it will ever be the

I've got to say that I love being stuck in stop traffic after sporting events. (I can't really say "stop-and-go" because nobody is

At the risk of being trite, I really love parking especially when there's a sporting event. There's nothing more fun than driving
around for 30 minutes for a parking spot I paid to have access to. Maybe they should close down the streets so everyone can
park there. It's not like the traffic's gonna move anyway when there's a soccer game.

Needless to say, there's nothing more enjoyable than walking through puddles on rainy days. It's especially fun to slip and fall
on your butt on the sidewalk.

By the way, did I express how much I love the parking situation here? Just checking.

And finally, there's always the infamous vending machines that won't take dollars, or worse, the ones that do take money but
don't give anything back. Maybe it's a conspiracy to help UH students lose weight. You never know.

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