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It's your money

Today, the Student Service Fees Advisory Committee will begin its four-day series of forums, allowing various organizations of
the University to request financial support from student fees.

These organizations will give presentations, basically to prove why they deserve a certain piece of the pie. Open to UH
students, these presentations will take place from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. today, Monday, Tuesday and Friday in the Bayou City
Room in the University Center.

If students are curious as to why student fees are being allotted to various organizations they may not even be a part of,
attending these SFAC forums provides an opportunity to learn about where and how student fees are divided.

In addition to organizations' presentations, SFAC has set aside a time each day for the public to comment on the presentations.
It is then that students may ask questions or speak their minds about why they shouldn't have to pay for organizations, facilities
or supplies that don't concern them.

In essence, SFAC gives UH students an up-front verbal fee bill. The fee bill received in the mail shows how much money is
being requested of each student every semester, but it doesn't specify where exactly that money is going. And for students
wanting to read into what exactly "student fees" means on those fee bills, these SFAC forums provide the opportunity to do just

Today, SFAC will listen to presentations from Student Legal Services, Student Publications, the University Center and
Residential Life and Housing, among others. Public comment is scheduled for 11:45 a.m.

On Monday, Veterans Services, the Cougar Marching Band and Intercollegiate Athletics will be among the eight organizations
presenting their cases. SFAC will hear from the Health Center, Campus Recreation, the Frontier Fiesta Association and the
Blaffer Gallery on Tuesday. Finally, on Friday, the Wellness Center, Learning Support Services and VPSA Web Development
Committee will give their presentations. There are plenty of other organizations participating all four days, as well.

SFAC will definitely lend an ear to remarks given during public comment. So if you're willing to state your complaints, or if you
would just like to learn about how exactly your money is being spent, these meetings will be your best opportunity to do so.

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