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Newsletter found in Daily Cougar

By Ed De La Garza
Daily Cougar Staff

Daily Cougar readers received an unwelcome surprise when they picked up Monday morning's edition of the student newspaper.

In copies at the University Center and Agnes Arnold Hall, non-Cougar and non-UH affiliated newsletters titled "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" had been inserted. The
newsletter, which claimed to be "advancing truth, justice, and the American way ...," angered many students who were offended by its articles.

"The Daily Cougar had nothing to do with the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' newsletter," Editor in Chief Nikie Johnson said. "It was inserted into some of the papers
without our permission. Anyone who believed we were involved with making or distributing it was very mistaken."

The newsletters, dated Feb. 18, thanked "Gays and Abortionists for September 11th," included an attack on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and suggested that
slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist who bought sexual favors.

Robert Madden, from Zion, Ill., owns the VRWC Internet domain name, but claimed to have no idea about the individual or group responsible for the newsletters.

"There is no actual group," Madden said. "It all stems from the accusation by (Sen.) Hillary Clinton stating that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get her

The newsletters listed an e-mail address that mentioned UH in its username. Madden said he didn't know if there was a group in Houston going by the VRWC name.

"I don't know anything," Madden said. "I'm in Illinois I have no idea what goes on in Texas. It sounds like an individual or group of individuals. There are crazy people

Director of Student Publications Dick Cigler said he received calls from irate readers and filed a report with the UH Police Department. An investigation is ongoing.

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