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UH we have a problem. In Monday's issue of The Daily Cougar, an individual or group introduced the UH student body and faculty to a new unwanted stepchild the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy." 

Many students aborted the newsletter and went straight for The Daily Cougar's beloved crossword puzzle, but some were shocked to find the VRWC's content inside.
And rightfully so. 

The four-page newsletter, which attempted to pass itself off as an official insert of The Daily Cougar, has the right to publish or say anything it wants. That's the right of all
American citizens. It does not, however, have the right to attempt to align itself with The Daily Cougar or any other University publication without permission.

These cowards, who scampered away like a roach in the kitchen when the light is turned on, want the UH community to believe they represent The Daily Cougar and

Well, they don't. The VRWC may represent some of us, and that's fine. That's what makes UH great, the diversity that this campus offers and few universities can boast.

You want us to believe that Sheila Jackson Lee is a poor excuse for a member of Congress or that Martin Luther King Jr. was a sex-crazed plagiarist? Fine. Go to a copy
machine, print your work and hand it out somewhere on campus.

The VRWC wants us to believe that various minority groups are the sandbags that are slowing America down. They want us to swallow the poison they believe is a

Believe this, VRWC. We at UH believe every man and woman has a right to his or her beliefs. VRWC, how would you feel if an issue of The Final Call the Nation of
Islam's newspaper were inserted into your next issue of The Daily Cougar without your permission? It would be totally uncalled for, and you'd probably be more than
a little upset about it. That's how we felt.

The Daily Cougar wants everyone to have an outlet anyone can plug into just make sure you buy your own electricity. As we inch toward our 75th anniversary, we
should remember that everyone makes this University.

Again, your opinions have their place the trash, or better yet, the recycle bin not the folds of The Daily Cougar. In other words, publish your own damn paper and
stay out of ours.

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