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Texans fill out roster in expansion draft

By Christian Schmidt
Daily Cougar Staff

The Houston Texans took 19 players in Monday's expansion draft. Offensive tackle Tony Boselli of the Jacksonville Jaguars was the first player taken in the draft.

The Texans opted to go a different route with their expansion draft than past teams, choosing a few pricey veterans rather than many less expensive players.

Boselli is a talented left tackle who has been plagued by injuries and has played sparingly the last two years. He carries a price tag of $6.88 million a year. Given all this,
the Texans must have felt his tremendous ability outweighed any concerns about his health.

The New York Jets were decimated, as the Texans took three Jet starters offensive tackle Ryan Young and cornerbacks Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman.

Glenn, a former star for Texas A&M, returns home to play for the Texans. His counterpart with the Jets and now the Texans, Coleman, also makes a homecoming.
Coleman is from Dallas and played for Texas Tech.

The steal of the draft was Young. Formerly of the New York Giants, he was a seventh-round pick in 1999 who quickly assumed a starting role.

Young's current salary is a miniscule $563,000, making him an incredible bargain. He is widely considered to be one of the best young tackles in the NFL.

The Texans were unable to get any outside linebackers, perhaps the most important position in Texans head coach Dom Capers' defense. Jamie Sharper, an outside
linebacker in Baltimore, projects as an inside linebacker in Capers' scheme.

It's important to remember that the 3-4 defense is based upon the premise that 250-pound rushers are fairly easy to find.

Colleges have been great at producing this type of player in recent years, so the Texans will probably not have much trouble finding quality players, either through free
agency or in the middle rounds of April's entry draft.

One area the Texans did address was special teams. Return specialists Jermaine Lewis (Baltimore) and Charlie Rogers (Seattle) should help a young offense with
improved field position.

Lewis is one of the best kick and punt returners ever to play in the league, and Rogers has been one of the best in recent years.

Another valuable special teams player is Sean McDermott. McDermott is listed as a tight end, though he rarely plays the position. He will contribute as a deep snapper
on kicks and punts. McDermott is one of the best players in the league at an overlooked position, and at just $300,000, he was a great pick.

The Texans made some good picks and acquired players who will help the team both immediately and in the long term. However, there are still many holes left to fill
through free agency and the college draft before training camp begins this summer.

The Texans have made a good start, but there will be many long nights for the coaching staff before the team has a roster that is ready to start the season.

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